Meet Northside Brass: Chicago's Premier Musical Ensemble

Discover the Talented Musicians Behind the Unforgettable Performances That Elevate Every Event

Meet Northside Brass: Chicago's Premier Musical Ensemble

Discover the Talented Musicians Behind the Unforgettable Performances That Elevate Every Event

Our Commitment

Authentic Music, Genuine Moments

At Northside Brass Music Company, we stand for the genuine and authentic delivery of music. We see music as more than notes and rhythms; it’s a profound way to connect, communicate, and celebrate the significant moments of life. Every performance, from timeless classics to modern hits, is delivered with the utmost integrity to ensure it resonates with our audience, maintaining relevance and emotional connection at every event.

Our dedication to authenticity extends into how we plan events with you. We listen intently to your vision, aim to understand the atmosphere you’re after, and provide expert advice to realize your musical ambitions. Whether orchestrating the mood for a wedding, enhancing a corporate function, or elevating a private gathering, Northside Brass focuses on creating a personalized musical experience that mirrors the unique essence of your event. Our authenticity shines not only through our music but in our commitment to making your celebration truly memorable.

Why Choose Northside Brass Music Company?

By choosing Northside Brass, you ensure an event that is not only musically enriching but also tailored and flawless from start to finish.

The Story of Northside Brass Music Company

From our humble beginnings in Chicago, Northside Brass Music Company has always believed in the transformative power of music. Founded by Ryan Hobbs, an alumnus of the DePaul School of Music, we started as a brass quintet driven by a passion to explore and express the depths of musical artistry. Our journey began with small, intimate performances, where the palpable impact of our music on the audience quickly taught us the true potential of our craft.

These early experiences at local community events and private gatherings were more than performances; they were moments where we saw the profound effect our music had on people’s lives. Whether it was bringing tears of joy at a wedding or adding a spark to a lively reception, it became clear that our role was not just to perform, but to create lasting memories.

As we grew, so did our repertoire and versatility. We expanded beyond classical pieces to embrace a rich variety of genres, catering to diverse audiences with arrangements ranging from the latest hits to timeless jazz standards. Each event, be it a corporate function, a holiday party, or an outreach concert, became a canvas for our creativity and dedication.

At Northside Brass, we don’t just play music—we weave it into the fabric of your celebration, making each occasion uniquely memorable. Our commitment is reflected in every note we play, ensuring that our music not only complements but also enhances the atmosphere of your event.

Today, Northside Brass stands as a beacon of musical excellence and emotional depth, recognized across Chicago and beyond for our ability to turn ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Join us on this musical journey and let us help you celebrate the important moments of your life with elegance and flair.

Bring Your Event to Life with Unforgettable Brass Music

Experience the elegance and energy of Northside Brass, perfect for everything from sophisticated weddings to lively corporate gatherings. Let us tailor a musical experience that’s just right for your special occasion.

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