Make Your Event Unforgettable with Northside Brass

Feel the magic of live music that brings life to any Chicago party, turning your event into something truly memorable.

Bring your event to life with Brass Music

Experience the elegance and energy of Northside Brass, perfect for everything from sophisticated weddings to lively corporate gatherings. Let us tailor a musical experience that’s just right for your special occasion.

Experience Classics Like Never Before
with Northside Brass

Step into a musical journey where traditional meets modern—where Sinatra’s charm and Taylor Swift’s vibrancy are infused with the distinctive flair of Northside Brass, ensuring every tune resonates with memorable elegance.

Meet Ryan Hobbs

The Founder of Northside Brass Music Company

Ryan Hobbs stands at the helm of Northside Brass Music Company, shaping the musical landscape of Chicago with his vibrant leadership and deep love for music. He believes in the transformative power of melody and rhythm to elevate any event. Committed to excellence, Ryan collaborates closely with clients, ensuring that each performance is tailored to their vision, making every occasion uniquely memorable. Whether it’s a cozy wedding or a large corporate event, his expertise and the ensemble’s adaptability make Northside Brass the ideal choice for top-notch musical entertainment.

Under Ryan’s guidance, Northside Brass epitomizes quality, sophistication, and creativity. He expertly mixes timeless brass sounds with modern hits, crafting a versatile playlist that delights diverse audiences. Leading a group of skilled musicians, Ryan fosters an environment of excellence and client-focused performance, cementing Northside Brass Music Company’s standing as a top musical provider in Chicago and beyond.

Enhance Your Events with Northside Brass

Unveil a range of services designed to transform your occasions into memorable celebrations

Wedding Ceremony Entertainment

Surround your special moments with elegance as our brass quintet sets a romantic tone for your new beginning. Each note we play crafts a perfect atmosphere for your love story.

Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Ease your guests into the celebration with our sophisticated sounds, providing the perfect backdrop for mingling and toasts.

Wedding REception Entertainment

Keep your guests dancing all night with our dynamic, engaging performances that ensure a lively and memorable reception.

Community Support

Join us for performances that do more than entertain—they inspire and unite, serving greater community causes.

Christmas/Hannukah Entertainment

Bring festive cheer with our brass ensemble playing all your holiday favorites, from joyful Christmas carols to Hannukah classics.

Holiday Parties, Oktoberfest, Patriotic

Make your holiday party sparkle with the joyful tunes of our brass quintet, perfect for creating a festive atmosphere.

Nonprofit Fundraiser Entertainment

Enhance your fundraiser with our music that touches hearts and encourages generosity, helping you achieve your goals.

Religious Service Musicians

Enhance your religious gatherings with music that resonates deeply, enriching every ceremony and service.


Equip your tour with our top-notch musicians, ensuring each performance is nothing short of spectacular.

Private Party Entertainment

Let us customize the music to fit the theme and energy of your party, ensuring every guest has an unforgettable time.


Majestic Brass Quintet for Timeless Elegance

Elevate your event with the majestic sound of our brass quintet. Comprising two trumpets, a trombone, horn, and tuba, this ensemble delivers a powerful, resonant performance perfect for ceremonies, grand openings, and regal celebrations. Experience classical sophistication and a wide repertoire that captivates and mesmerizes.

Enchanting String Quartet for Intimate Moments

Our string quartet weaves a tapestry of sound that transforms any event into an intimate gathering. Featuring two violins, a viola, and a cello, their harmonious melodies provide a warm, inviting atmosphere for weddings, receptions, and elegant dinners. Delight in classical pieces, modern hits, and everything in between.

Smooth Jazz Quartet for Sophisticated Vibes

Set the stage for a night of sophistication with our jazz quartet. Choose between trumpet or saxophone to lead the ensemble of piano, bass, and drums. Perfect for cocktail hours and chic gatherings, their smooth rhythms and sultry melodies create an ambiance of relaxed elegance and timeless charm.

Electrifying Seven Piece Swing Band for Ultimate Entertainment

Our seven-piece swing band, complete with piano, bass, drums, three horns (trumpet, trombone, saxophone), and a captivating vocalist, promises to fill the dance floor. Ideal for receptions and corporate events where energy and excitement are key, their dynamic performances of swing classics and modern hits guarantee a night to remember.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Bring Your Event to Life with Unforgettable Brass Music

Experience the elegance and energy of Northside Brass, perfect for everything from sophisticated weddings to lively corporate gatherings. Let us tailor a musical experience that’s just right for your special occasion.

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