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Enhance your spiritual gatherings in Chicago with Ryan Hobbs and Northside Brass Music Company, delivering respectful and uplifting musical performances.
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Envision your religious service enveloped in the serene and soulful sounds of Northside Brass. We specialize in crafting musical experiences that resonate with the sacredness of your ceremonies. Whether enhancing reflective moments or celebrating joyous milestones, our ensembles tailor each performance to the spiritual tone and thematic needs of your congregation. Elevate your worship with music that transcends, connecting the divine to the earthly, ensuring each service leaves a lasting, spiritual impression.

Your Trusted Partner for Musical Worship in Chicago

With deep roots in Chicago, Northside Brass Music Company has extensive experience performing in local religious settings, from small chapels to grand cathedrals. Our sensitivity to the unique atmosphere of spiritual events ensures that our music complements the sanctity of your services.

Having graced venues such as St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Chicago Riverside Church, we bring a respectful and reverent approach to each performance, making us a favored choice for religious ceremonies across the city.

Select the Perfect Ensemble for Your Religious Service

Choose from our diverse range of musical ensembles to ensure your religious service is both touching and memorable. Each configuration offers a distinct musical experience, perfectly suited to enhance the spiritual atmosphere of your event.

Brass Quintet

Our Brass Quintet, featuring two trumpets, a trombone, a horn, and a tuba, delivers powerful and majestic sounds that resonate well in spacious venues, ideal for hymns and traditional liturgical music.

String Quartet

For a softer, more introspective musical backdrop, our String Quartet—comprising two violins, a viola, and a cello—provides delicate harmonies that can elevate the serenity and solemnity of any religious gathering.

Jazz Quartet

If your service calls for a more contemporary or upbeat tone, our Jazz Quartet, available with either trumpet or saxophone alongside piano, bass, and drums, offers a modern twist to traditional worship music, perfect for youth services or special community events.

Each of these configurations is performed by highly skilled musicians who understand the importance of respect and decorum required at religious events.

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Northside Brass

Your Expert Guide for Memorable Religious Services

At Northside Brass Music Company, we understand the complexities involved in planning large-scale religious events. With years of experience performing at hundreds of services across various faiths, our award-winning team has honed the expertise needed to enhance your event with beautifully curated music. Whether you are coordinating a small intimate gathering or a grand ceremony, our understanding of musical ambiance can transform your religious service into a deeply impactful experience.

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Your Questions Answered About Our Religious Service Performances

We perform at a variety of religious events, including church services, weddings, funerals, and other spiritual gatherings, tailoring our music to suit the occasion and denomination.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our versatility and sensitivity to different religious customs and can customize our repertoire to align with specific liturgical requirements and traditions.

We work closely with organizers to understand the tone and flow of the service, ensuring our music supports and enhances the emotional and spiritual impact of each segment without overpowering it.

Yes, we often collaborate with local choirs and other musicians to create a fuller, more enriched musical experience. We coordinate with all parties involved to ensure seamless integration.

Typically, we provide all necessary equipment, including instruments and sound systems. We only require a space to perform and access to power if necessary. Specific details can be arranged during the consultation phase.

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